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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Before you hire at these locations...

A quick lesson in finding a job and possibly a career: check the history or current status of where ever you apply. Check the list below of major retailers who are closing down permanently, or shutting down locations that might be in your area.

/Check the link to Clark.com

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Banned from trscoop...?

I was a regular at The Right Scoop or trscoop for short. I did begin to realize that many of the subscribers were looking to start arguments, and would lose their minds if you disagreed with them. It wasn't the majority, but it seemed like the number of agitators were growing. I got into a few spats with the self righteous few of them, but other than that...most of my comments were well received...or was it? I suddenly found out that my account has been banned. I don't know why, but it is awful suspicious. I left a few comments to the moderators, and I am waiting to see if the moderators will explain what has happened. Any one else got banned from trscoop without reason?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Work at Salata in Sonterra and Huebner Oaks...at your own risk. Manager believes he has a right to insult his workers

Below is the letter I wrote to Salata Co.

 My name is Natalie. I have been a Salata employee since October 17th, 2013. I was employed to the first Salata built in San Antonio, Texas. However, I have quit my job because of several factors with the main factor being Tom McCarthy and the corruption he allows in his stores. Now to understand the full story, you must be aware of what has happened to me months prior to my choice of quitting. I was appointed as a night supervisor while I worked at the Huebner Oaks location. However, the experience was overall terrible. I did not have a manager to properly train me. The first manager who taught me was fired for who knows what and another manager left to Austin. There was no one to guide me afterwards, except for Tom, who would stop by sometimes.

I found myself being scolded and my job threatened many times by Tom, due to a lack of being taught how to supervise the store. I am thankful that the customers saw how hard I worked and praised my efforts along with my coworkers. Through tremendous trial and error, I developed a style of how to run the store following what Tom wanted: clean dining room, clean line, clean restrooms and to basically supervise my coworkers, and close the register. My crew and I were closing the store at record speed whilst keeping the store tidy to the best of our ability. Suddenly, Jerreal came over. The morning manager was called to train in Houston; so Jerreal was going to be in charge as morning manager. We were hired along the same time, so he is no stranger to me. Jerreal is aware of the Salata system, but somewhere along the line, he began to use his manager position to harass coworkers. For instance, my night coworkers complained that they had far too many dishes to do, and they were right. Jerreal was not placing anyone on dishes during morning time, which resulted in piles of unwashed dishes.

Jerreal allowed coworkers to leave before finishing duties...that eventually became my responsibility at the end of the night. Jerreal also allowed his girlfriend-now fiancee to clock out before "flipping the line", which we no longer do due to the constraints of time and serving customers; this order was given by Tom. Jerreal wanted me to flip the line one day, but the kitchen was already backed up with loads of dishes. With me being the night supervisor, and having a crew of predominately new recruits, I objected and explained why. I even told Jerreal that Tom told us not to flip the line anymore, yet Jerreal insisted, and threatened me to clock out if I refused. The line was flipped, but Jerreal was mad that I stood up against him. Tom came over the next day and we settled things somewhat. Tom admitted to Jerreal that he ordered us not to flip the line, yet insisted that I have to listen to Jerreal. Jerreal also begun to make his crew clean the morning load of dishes. It appeared as if things were back to normal, but I noticed that Jerreal was notorious for trying to stack more work on me than usual. Jerreal called me in to work on my only day off, a holiday...memorial day, which was a short day. Thankfully, he was reprimanded for that. Jerreal seemed to have developed envy against me because his aggression towards me was becoming obvious. One day, I called twenty minutes early to report that I might be late due to two of my buses being late. Another coworker said to me that Jerreal accused me of being late all the time, which was not true.

When I came in, Jerreal handed me a disciplinary form for failing to clean the store. He complained that the refrigerator doors were left unclean. I never received any complaints about the doors until that day, and it was absolutely bogus. Granted that some minor things were left unclean, but never on purpose. For all the trouble I've been through on getting that store in tip top shape, it was a huge insult towards me to have been written up over something minimal. I refused to sign the form, and Jerreal once again threatened me to clock out, which I also refused. I demanded to speak with Tom. Tom apparently wanted me to just sign the form. I cried over the phone telling him the action against me was bogus and unfair. No manager has ever written me up over something so small, but they would tell me about my mistakes so I couldn't miss it a second or third time. However, both Jerreal and Tom backed me to a wall...forcing me to sign that insulting report. I was angry, and tossed the pen after signing the form; causing the phone to fall. I constantly called Tom because I needed to talk to him, but Tom would not answer his phone after a while. I called Kasey,and left a message. Suddenly, Jerreal wanted me to sign a termination form. I refused completely. Jerreal said that Tom agreed with him. I refused to leave, which resulted in Jerreal calling the cops to escort me out. My coworkers looked on in despair, they knew that what happened to me was not right. However, several minutes later, Kasey called me back and admitted that there was a lack of training me as a supervisor. She offered me to work at the Sonterra location.

However, I was upset that they basically agreed with Jerreal's choice of firing me. I wonder how Jerreal is able to get away with so much bullying. So I worked at Sonterra, and immediately noticed that operations are very different from where I came from. The supervisor there does not have much stress because apparently, Tom does a lot of the paper work. Many of the post supervisor skills I was taught were almost null and void. I was perplexed by how different things were, and ultimately determined that the rules change a lot at Salata. Now to finish this report...as to what caused me to finally quit Salata, Tom is your average dislikeable boss, but he believes that just because he is the boss, he has the right to insult and demean his coworkers, and there is nothing we can do about it. As I said, I was no longer sure how things operate at Salata due to the changes. So, a customer offered me a tip one day. Tom was nearby, so I asked him for clarity sake, on if we take tips. He said we didn't. So, Tom took it upon himself to gather with the supervisor to basically mock me about my question. My answer was that rules change a lot at Salata. Tom became furious and threatened my job.

 So...today I came in to prepare for work, and Tom called me over to talk...apparently he was still upset at what I said, and confirmed that he has the right to be insulting towards his workers, and we were suppose to be quiet about it. That was the final straw. I gave him my hat and name tag, and told him that I would report him to corporate...and here I am. No boss has a right to insult and demean their coworkers, and if this is what Salata allows, there will be more trouble coming your way on financial levels. Huebner Oaks is struggling because of bad management, and now I see who is to blame...Tom is.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Deliverance of Homosexuality through Jesus Christ

 Below is my testimony of How God delivered me of homosexuality.

Hello, community. I would like to share my testimony of how the Lord delivered me of homosexuality. Actually, I made a journal entry about my testimony at Deviantart---twice. The first testimony was written immediately after receiving the Holy Ghost; however, the testimony was riddled with grammar errors---and unanswered questions for me personally. So, the first testimony was eventually deleted. After I sat down, prayed and ventured through my past, which was far from easy,  I was able to (Glory to God) put many pieces together about how homosexuality came into my life. The main pieces include pornography and molestation.  I'm not going to dwell too much on the sin here. I have to and I must give God praise throughout this testimony.

It all started when I was four or five years old. I was born into a Christian family. My mom and dad were happily married and are still married to this day, Praise Jesus!  My folks were still making siblings for me and the rest of us---I come from a family of twelve. I was always shy around strangers, but playful around my family and those who I considered to be friends. It appeared as if I was an average little girl, until the devil sought to destroy me at a young age. My first encounter with sexual lust happened when my parents were away. My mom was pregnant at that time, so she and my father were most likely at the hospital. Unfortunately, my parents left the cable channels available…and by channels, I mean the naughty channels. My siblings and I stormed our parents' room, got a hold of the remote control and channel surfed almost endlessly. We stopped on an adult channel—it was some low budget porn movie that made absolutely no sense. When my eyes caught the actions of those people in the movie, I felt strange sensations in my lower body. We changed the channel eventually, but I couldn't change what I saw. As a child, I always thought that these sensations were due to having a full bladder, but it was more than what I thought it was. Quite honestly, my little body desired sex at an untimely age.  My desires felt strange ever since that first encounter, but there was yet another which played a huge role in perverting my desires.

While I was at my elementary school, I played with tons of different kids, especially the kids from my class. I believe I was still in kindergarten or first grade.  One day on the playground, my typical school mates weren't at school. I wandered off picking up rocks etc. Suddenly, there was a boy who looked as if he wanted to play with me. The boy seemed to be seven or eight years old. He chased me a couple of times until I noticed that he wouldn't let down. I still thought that he was playing---although I was kind of bothered with him. The boy eventually caught me and took me to a section of the playground filled with pine trees, and a blind spot where no one can be seen. The boy was not alone---four other boys were waiting in the secluded area.  It's quite disturbing to write what these boys attempted to do to me. Sure enough, even as little boys, their motive was to rape me. One boy held me from behind while the other attempted to penetrate me from the front. I was fully clothed though, yet violated beyond words. I couldn't say anything due to fear.

Thankfully, the boys did not know how to do what they had planned. So, the boy who chased me shoved me away and just like that, it was over. My mind, body and soul felt totally violated. I couldn't begin to describe what had happened. I recall trying to tell a teacher about the crime, but I became speechless when I approached her. She asked what was wrong, but I couldn't say anything. I became ashamed of myself and ashamed of those boys, but I was more ashamed of myself. I was so ashamed, that I decided that I would make as if the event never happened---and it truly became as if it was all a nightmare. Amazing how the brain works. There was a second crime against me that happened at my elementary school—again at the playground. While I was innocently reaching to drink water from the water fountain, a boy touched me inappropriately from behind. I was angered, but I was so fearful. I did not tell on him, although I should have.

My desires continued to warp for worse. Upon being exposed to pornography, and being a victim of molestation, I gave in to the desires and it felt good to me. I actually longed to find racy scenes on movies. The desires I had were not for men though. I desired the same sex. The desires were very strong, but as I stated, it felt good. These desires led to self-gratification if you get my drift. My mind was so polluted with sexual darkness. I couldn't go a day without thinking about these perverted fantasies. I kept my dark secret to myself of course, but there is nothing I could hide from Christ. Here's comes the conviction! I remember watching the movie Ten Commandments. I saw the scene when the Hebrews rebelled against God and praised the golden calf. Upon looking at that scene, I became afraid. Now I don't think there weren't any homosexuality on that part, but it revealed some scenes of lust---well, homosexuality is lust after all.  Normally I'd anticipate the lust, but I could not bear to do it this time.

There was something about this movie that struck that secret sin of mine.  I was convicted, yet the sin of homosexuality became stronger. I believe it is because the 10 commandments operate like a mirror reflecting faults and sin. How glorious that even homosexuality was convicted despite it not being mentioned by name. Praise God! Now my sin did become stronger and still chose to give in to the strong desire. However, the pleasure began to feel painful. My sin was becoming a burden as it should very well be. During my teen years, I was now ashamed of homosexuality, yet I was powerless to fight against it. I was too afraid to tell my folks or anyone that I had same-sex attraction. My mind was still a dark place, and I still gave in to the sin without much of a struggle. The very word of 'homosexuality' made me cringe because I knew that I had a problem with it.

The word of God was never far from me since I lived in a Christian home, and at this point in time, I knew that homosexuality was a sin, but because I was so helpless to fight against the sin and gave in on my own, I thought that I was going to hell without question. Not so. During my middle school years, I recall asking a neighbor about Heaven and Hell. I asked her "if I am not a Christian, will I go to hell?" She straight-forwardly told me that I would go to hell without God, and get this---this woman was a lesbian! She was a catholic woman, but she was right nonetheless. I became frightened beyond words and immediately went to my house to finally confess to God about my dreadful sin. The confession was very hard to do, but worth it. Now I wanted to be saved. I begin going to my parent's church in a desperate search for salvation. I was baptized in Jesus' name, and I did 'feel' better, but I was not saved yet. Now that I was being obedient to God's voice, the devil was ready for a full frontal war against me.

My high school years was the best for my personality---I was breaking out of shyness, but the spiritual warfare was intense. At this time, I was resisting homosexuality—on my own, which was a problem. The temptation was outrageous, sleep was terrible and my mind was my worst enemy. Some nights the devil attacked me so viciously, that my mind became flooded with suicide thoughts and blasphemy against God. I thought I was going crazy. One day at High School, I was tempted so terribly, that I was on the verge of finally confessing my sin to someone other than God. I was crying profusely and did not go to class that day. I went to the counselor instead. I tried to tell her in so many words that I was struggling with homosexuality, but somehow sensed (praise God) that she was not a Godly woman. I just told her that I wanted to go speak to my dad, since he was an Usher at that time. I think I went home early that day, and I did speak with my dad. I almost confessed to him about my sin, but I held back. Instead I asked him about prayer, and vaguely explained that I needed prayer for a certain situation. I forgot some of what was said in that conversation, but my dad told me to trust in the Lord and have faith in Him. I did pray to the Lord that night placing all of my faith in Him; sure enough I slept beautifully. Round one of spiritual warfare had ended, but that was only the beginning.

During my early college days, the homosexual desires were weakening. I trusted more in God's strength and less in my own to fight those desires. I still did not make mention of having a history with that sin yet, but it would only be a matter of time before I couldn't take it anymore. 2007, November, I was employed with Dillard's, and began preaching against homosexuality at a web site called Deviantart, a huge art community with a large homosexual population.  The more I preached against homosexuality, the more I felt the need to confess my history. While I was working on the night of November 18, 2007, I began to experience vehemently strong homosexual temptations like I've never felt before. The temptations were so strong, that I could hardly look at any other woman. I was shivering in so much fear of returning back to that vile sin. I couldn't contain my tears---this time I had to tell someone about my struggle (I do recall telling two other people online, but I never told anyone in person). Thankfully, my Christian friend was working the night shift with me.

I brought her to the stock room, and confessed my past to her. I was crying profusely and I was afraid after I confessed. My friend simply prayed over me. I was still crying while admitting that I must be a Christian since I was going through the spiritual struggles. Suddenly as I was crying, my mourning was transformed to joy.  My mourning was turned into laughter, and there was an unspeakable joyous flame in bosom that only the word of God can explain: " …But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones…"(Jeremiah 20:9).  My Heavenly Father—My Jesus poured down His Holy Ghost on me on what appeared to be my darkest day. While laughing in joy and speaking in tongues, another co-worker stormed in and asked what was going on. My friend replied, "She's praising the Lord".  I was filled with the Holy Ghost; I wanted to run laps in the store, I did!

My troubles ended that night, and I totally felt born again. I continued to preach against homosexuality---with much trial and error, but God encourages me through His word to keep up the good fight. I was finally able to confess my past to my family including the molestation incidents. My confession didn't receive a humble response from most of my family. Many of my family members refused to believe that I was homosexual, and some to this day treat me with disdain not because I confessed, but because I preach against it! The confusion was to be expected since I waited so long to tell them, but the good news is that my parents support my efforts to witness to the homosexuals. They believe that as long as I am following God's word, then I am alright.  While many people to this day throw the hate flag at me for preaching against homosexuality, I count it all as joy. Some days can be very challenging dealing with LGBTs and their endless hate accusations, but I am convinced that God placed me at Deviantart and many other places to get His precious Word out. My Jesus delivered me of a strong hold sin…and with that He made me into a person that I never thought I would be. I am bold because of Christ. I am out-spoken because of Christ, and I am a new person because of my Christ. Some days the temptations come back, but I would like to testify that homosexuality has been the least of my problems. PRAISE GOD! Keep me in prayer, and always give Glory to God!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Racist Comments at World Net Daily

Yes, unfortunately. I'm black, and I know that many of my people abuse the race card more than any race on this earth, but this time...this black woman have a probable cause to throw the race card. There has been a lot of black-mob crimes in the U.S. that is going unreported by our cowardly media. Thankfully, World Net Daily (WND) is bold enough to expose these thugs. However, as I am a daily subscriber to WND, I've read comments whereas many people are taking their frustration out on ALL black people, and even more infuriating is that the racist comments are receiving many 'likes' and are going un-flagged so it seems.

Here is one comment from an article entitled,"Call For Crackdown On Black On White Terror" that received 19 'likes' from a user named Cat:

"What can you expect with their average IQ of only 85, the lowest of any racial group.  They first thought going to white schools would make them smart and then they wanted to bring their black teachers to teach, so in effect all they did was swap buildings. How brilliant of them.   It didn't make them one bit smarter. In fact, schools had to dumb down and in my area they had (big mess going on right now, in fact) to change their answers on tests so they could pass at all even after being dumbed down. And we cater to them!! Give them jobs they're not qualified for, give them houses which they almost immediately tear up, give them food stamps to use to buy crab claws and anything else they desire.  I'm sorry they were brought over here as slaves. I wish like hell they had left them in Africa so that our country wouldn't be in the mess it's in now!!  I'm sick of them and their bellyaching and I'm sick of those who cover up their crimes.  If they can't act like responsible human beings then maybe they should have stayed slaves. Apparently they can't handle being free!"

While I FULLY understand the frustration of dealing with the blacks who behave like escaped zoo animals, and how they constantly throw the race card at every race (whites especially) for crimes that happened some 400 hundred years ago, it is still UNACCEPTABLE to fight racism with racism! Don't be stupid like those thuggish blacks. Don't throw your civility in the garbage for the likes of the racist blacks, and DON'T blame all black people please! You guys (whites especially) already have so few conservative blacks on your side. Please don't run them away.
 The white race is under attack by the left like never before, and it seems like no black-on-white crime is considered racist, but if it is white-on-black crime, then we can sound the alarm...according to liberals anyway. So, again...I FULLY understand the frustration. Trust me. I am black, yet I was ridiculed endlessly as a child by liberal blacks for 'acting white' all because my parents taught me how to properly speak, and to act like a civilized human being. When asked why these thuggish blacks behave in the manner that they do, I really don't know what to say, except...they need to be born again as Christ said in John 3:3. We all need to be born again. In the mean time, don't take any trouble from them either, and don't be silent about the black-on-white crimes that are going on. 

I'm not charging WND for racism, but I will ask that the moderators do a better job at flagging racist comments no matter WHAT race it is. I flag comments, but I can't flag them all. I'm getting to the point of not commenting on the articles at all...but because I run my mouth a lot, I want to see if better moderation will take place. Keep exposing the blacks who're responsible for crimes! The world does not revolve around them.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Texas Justice Prevails: Father Not Charged For Killing Daughter's Rapist

Hooray for Texas laws...well, some of them anyway. The 23 (or 24) years old young father saved his 5 years old daughter from Jesus Mora Flores, a 47 years old rapist who was caught in the very act of sexual assault. The young man was alerted by a neighbor that Flores abducted the girl into a secluded area. Following the screams of his daughter, he found Flores on top of her with his trousers and underwear down. The father pummeled the rapist several times on the head and neck, which ultimately killed him. The father did call the cops and hurried for them to come, but it was too late. Although the scene was ruled as a homicide, there will be no charges against the young father---rightfully so. Sadly, forensic examiners found evidence that the little girl was indeed raped. I pray that she recovers and may her innocence be restored, in Jesus' name. I pray also for the father that he is healed of having to witness a terrible crime against his daughter, and may his heart be healed from having to kill a man.

Justice was served, but this is still a tough ordeal to hear about. For one, I know in my heart that if it were my child or anyone's child being attacked by a slime-ball pedophile, I'd kill the attacker, too. I think that any caring parent would have done the same thing. As for Flores, who is now dead, there isn't much I can say about him, except he wasted his life and now he has no more time to regret his actions. Most likely, he is in hell suffering an endless torturous death. In the midst of this tragedy, we should not gloat that the rapist is dead. I am for the death penalty, but I was taught that no one should laugh when one is being chastised or being put to death. Chastisement is no joke---take it from one who came from a family where spankings were guaranteed if we disobeyed. The death penalty is more than a chastisement since the person will not live the next day---still, it is an action that shouldn't be made fun of. It is very serious and the motive, I believe, is to strike fear in the hearts of those who may think of trying to break the law extremely, and to punish the evil doer.

However, it is safe to know that Flores will no longer hurt another child again. God bless the father who protected his daughter. He is an example of what daughters really want from their dads: love and protection.